Our Team

Holly Kershaw

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Holly is passionate about education, science and storytelling. By day, she blows stuff up in the name of education as Education Director of Fizzics Education, and by night is a hobby beekeeper.

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Natalie Wadwell

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Natalie is a writer and creative instigator. She likes to work in the in-between spaces, creating opportunities at the intersections of community, social change and post-suburbanisation.

Twitter @wadwellwanders      |     Instagram @wadwellinitiatives     |      LinkedIn


About Us

Holly and Natalie met when they were both involved in Foundation for Young Australians Young Social Pioneers program in 2016. They quickly bonded over Western Sydney, Social Enterprise, Food and Supergirl. We are super excited to be bringing TEDxParramatta back in 2018, and hope to see you there.

Do you have any skills that would help with TEDxParramatta? Send us an email!