Meet our Speakers

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James Arvanitakis

TEDx_JamesJames is a former banker turned social justice advocate and cultural researcher. He’s been published in over 100 academic and non-academic texts and is recognised for his innovative teaching style.

Victor Anthony Lopez-Carmen

TEDx_VictorVisiting Native American Fulbright Scholar, Victor brings with him a strong commitment to sharing the experiences of First Nations youth. From placements in Jordan to speaking at United Nations he questions what it means to be a custodian of culture.


Sara Mansour

TEDxSaraSara  is a Punchbowl born and bred poet, lawyer and co-founder of Bankstown Poetry Slam, Australia’s largest regular poetry slam in the heart of Bankstown.



Gregory Miller

TEDx_GregGreg is an educational leader with heart; passionate about enabling students to discover their strengths and find their purpose in this changing world.



Jane Stratton

TEDx_JaneJane Stratton is the founder and director of the Think+DO Tank Foundation. She is expert in dreaming up beautifully big ideas with communities in South Western Sydney – and bringing them into the world, together.


Queenie Tran

TEDx_QueenieLike every other millennial, Queenie just wants housing to be accessible. Until then, she’s on a mission to stop young people being forced to live in nursing homes.



Susan Wahhab

TEDx_SusanSusan is not your typical accountant. She uses personal development principles and coaching techniques to help people change their money story to transform and control their finances.



Jessie Williams

TEDx_JessieJessie is a director of The GroundSwell Project, a group dedicated to creating a death literate society, where communities have the practical know-how needed to respond to dying, death and grief.