Beginning, Becoming and Beyond

In 2012 the inaugural TEDxParramatta took place at Riverside Theatres. It brought together eight speakers who spoke to the theme of Beginning, Becoming and Beyond. This theme captured the massive shifts that were starting to ramp up for the LGA and subsequently, Western Sydney. 

In case you missed it, we’ve got all the links here for you to look back on the talks. All of the speakers are continuing their great work and shaping the region as we know it today. We have even shared some of our own takeaways for a small a handful of the talks.

We’d love to hear from you. Let us know your takeaways on social media using #TEDxParramatta. 

How did L-Fresh the Lion break away from the influence of other people’s expectations? The hip-hop artist has reached national acclaim for thought provoking lyrics on tracks such as Black and White, 1 in 100,000 and Get Mine. In his own words, ‘L-Fresh was rising but to what?’ You can have direction but what is the end point?’

L-Fresh shared how developing a vision map and sticking it on his wall helped him to manifest and realise his own vision. A year later, he realised he had started to create the life he wanted and had done everything he envisioned.

How do we honour and own our sense of place? 

#proudwestie Heather Chafley is now working for Wentworth Housing. In 2012, she shared her personal story of owning the role a sense of place played in her identity. Through conducting community consultations, she learned that, ‘residents are quick to jump to the negative stories, but what if we go for the strengths perspective?’ Leaving us with the provocation, how can we capture enough stories about place that we honour the good with the bad?

What happens if we reframe obstacles as opportunities?

For Ali Kadhim, parkour isn’t throwing oneself into adrenalin-pumping danger. Rather it is a way to teach young people that with their minds and bodies they can overcome any restrictions life may send their way. He believes that ‘we have so much capability and so much in us that we don’t know.’ He summarises that parkour teaches three key rules:

  1. Be creative – use everything you have around you to see with a different perspective.
  2. Failure is the engine of success.
  3. Maintain a positive mindset. We can crumble or we can conquer.

If thinking about place, stronger mindsets and strategies for growth isn’t enough, wait until you discover what the other six speakers have in store for you. Check out the links below and let us know your thoughts with #TEDxParramatta. 

For founder of the Refugee Art Project, Safdah Ahmed power of the arts to provoke conversations about social change is essential. In this talk he speaks to his experiences and art making as a way to ignite moral conversations that bring about social change.

Gilbert Mane shapes our thinking on education for the modern classroom.

Academic and community cultural development worker, Paula Abood spoke to the power of storytelling to work through grief.

Thelma Thomas (MC Trey) and Leo Tanoi explore the role of cultural identity in the multicultural landscape of Western Sydney. In particular, they focus on Pacific Island culture and tools to assist young people to form their own identity within contemporary society.

What is an effective process for community engagement? Christian Tancred shares his insights from working with young people.

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